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Support Contact Information

Blue Sombrero

Monday - Friday
866-258-3303 - Admin Support - 8am-8pm EST
866-264-2048 - Parent/Coach Support - 11am-6pm EST

[email protected]


If you follow this link: you will be able to see a video on how to create a program and open up Registration. The following link: has 17 videos on various topics to help you with the Blue Sombrero system.

If you have any questions regarding the setup of your website you can contact Blue Sombrero at 866-258-3303 or by email at [email protected].

Known Issues

Known Issues:

  • AYSOU: We are having issues with certifications not posting on volunteer records after a roster is submitted. The development team is close to resolving this issue.
  • RMS: A Regional Board list is coming soon. In the meantime, please continue to maintain your board in eAYSO.
  • RMS: An update is coming that will send out automated reminder emails to players and volunteers that left the application without providing an eSignature.
  • RMS: An update is coming that will send out automated reminder emails to volunteers that did not submit their background check consent form.
  • RMS: An update is coming that will display the reason why a player or volunteer is not able to be assigned to teams.

Resolved Issues and Updates

Resolved Issues and Updates:

  • RMS: Bulk printing player forms is now available in Blue Sombrero. You can do this in your BSB admin portal by clicking on “Reports” on the toolbar located on the top of the page. Under the “Registration Reports” you will click on the report “Bulk Print Participant eSignature Forms.”
  • RMS: A “Transfer Button” is now available to move players from one age division to another age division within the same program (Core, EXTRA, etc.). This does not allow transferring players from one program to another because of fee differences that Regions have. Players are not transferable from Region to Region. 
  • AYSOU: Users will no longer be charged the sales tax when using a voucher or purchasing an online course.
  • AYSOU: Vouchers can now be purchased in bulk. In order to have single voucher code issued, you can purchase vouchers in bulk. The voucher is valid for the redemption of a predetermined number of courses depending on the specific discipline. The course voucher may be distributed to members of the Region to redeem for access to their specific training courses.**Please note: Course vouchers expire one year from date of purchase.
  • AYSOU: Blue Sombrero has resolved the issue with the Single Sign on when a secondary account is created. For users that created an account prior to the fix they need to login to their Blue Sombrero account, navigate to the Volunteer tab and click “details” under their volunteer role. Then scroll to the bottom of the screen and click “Update.” Once the volunteer clicks “Update” they will be able to access
  • RMS/ AYSOU: The Region Management System has been updated to prevent returning volunteers from creating a new AYSO ID when registering. This will prevent issues with single sign on and instructor access on You may find additional information here.
  • RMS: A bug that prevented players from being allocated to teams after the National Player Fee was marked as paid has been resolved.
  • RMS: Volunteer Cards will now display the Volunteer AYSO ID number.
  • RMS: The background check consent screen will now work on iPhones, iPads, and other tablets without having to rotate the screen to landscape mode to view the continue button.
  • RMS: VIP Program will now be part of the report that allows Regions to export all player applications in bulk.
  • RMS: Parents can now edit the DOB, first and last name, and gender of a player on their own account. Admins or parents can:
    • Login to the account.
    • Click the pencil and paper icon next to the participant’s name.
    • Update the information including name, gender, and date of birth.
  • RMS: The “Volunteer Verification Status Report” will now include the background check status by default when exported.
  • RMS: A “Transfer Button” is now available to move volunteers from one age division to another within the same program. However, it will not transfer volunteers from one program to another. 
  • RMS: The Bulk eSign Report has been updated to increase the speed of generated reports as well as to fix the error and time outs Regions were reporting when trying to run a division with a large amount of players.

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